Tygon® Tubing Supply & Production Dates

We have been given some dates for the production and supply effecting the transition of Tygon® tubing to the new DEHP free tubing formulations. Here are links to two letters from Saint Gobain, one specifically for Tygon® laboratory products and the other for Tygon® medical tubing products.

In short, Saint Gobain will cease production of all medical and laboratory tubing formulations that use DEHP in June of 2013. This includes commonly used Tygon® formulations such as R-3603, LFL, S-54-HL and S-50-HL. Supply for these formulations will cease once inventory is exhausted up to December of 2013. The new formulations, E-3603, E-LFL, ND-100-80 and ND-100-65, are currently available. What we are finding out at Component Supply Company is that supply for the original formulations are already low, if not depleated and replenishment inventory is not likely. We are also noticing that supply of the new, DEHP free, formulations is inconsistant. This pages is being put up in March of 2013 and we are having trouble keeping and replenishing several sizes of the new formulations. We feel that this temperary as many companies are testing and demand is at an abnormal high. However, if you use this material in production you may want to talk to your supplier about making sure they have the on hand quantitiy you need. Component Supply is working hard to be proactive for their customers and would welcome the opportunity to serve you.