Non-DEHP, phthalate-free flexible tubing

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Tygon® S3™ Tubing

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics manufactures certain Tygon® tubing formulations to specifically serve the Food and Beverage industry as well as other medical, pharmaceutical and industrial applications. Like Component Supply Company, they are committed to providing products that perform for the applications they were designed for, meet the safety regulations put in place and are environmentally friendly. Now they have come out with Tygon® S3™ tubing to address the safety concerns surrounding phthalates and comply with the increased regulatory pressures around the world. Tygon® S3™ is a bio-based flexible tubing so companies can increase their commitment to environmental sustainability by using these eco-friendly tubing products in their equipment or their processes.

This was a large undertaking by Saint Gobain and they have done a great job of putting a tremendous amount of information about these chagnes out there. But they service many different customers in various industries. Couple with the varying global restrictions and specifications that are required in different countries, the information can be difficult to pull together. So we have put together this site to help customers that use the most common Tygon® tubing fomulations for the medical, surgical, aerospace, food and beverage, pharmecutical, and biomechanical industries as well as general laboratory use.

Below is a chart that shows the products that have changed formulations as a result of meeting the new requiments for non-DEHP, phthalate free tubing.

Products Where Formulation has Changed
Current Formulation LFL R-3603 R-1000 TAAT S-50-HL
New Formulation E-LFL E-3603 E-1000 E-TAAT ND-100-65 ND-100-80